Promoting national unity in sri lanka

The new National Union Party allowed members to retain affiliations with other political parties. It will be screened before university student audiences and eventually be shown on television as well.

National unity government

In Sri Lanka we have a situation where the biased and unbalanced nature of the media has been established by the Press Commission Report of The truth telling often led to people seeing each other in a different light.

The movement was initiated by the Pope in These newspapers promoted the view that the position of the minority groups was analogous to that which existed in South Africa Angola and Rhodesia, where the indigenous black Africans were subject to blatant racial discrimination.

There have been several instances, however, during national disasters or wars, that the two parties have briefly "rallied around the President. He argues that "restorative justice does not fit the thinking of legal practitioners" and says that "restorative justice is a soft option that ignores the need for punishment.

Fast forward to exactly 50 years later, it is time to ask how far the Media has played a role in promoting peace in Sri Lanka? Closely linked is Ven. Such acts which go Promoting national unity in sri lanka our shared vision of a Sri Lanka where equal rights and rule of law are guaranteed for all, have no place in a democratic, pluralistic society.

Through the Press and the Radio arid other modes of propaganda, they create confusion, cause tension and bring about a state of social unrest. Kennedyand the September 11 attacksall of which not only had a worldwide effect, but preceded a massive spike in the approval rating of the sitting President.

That is far from the truth and people relying on the newspapers of Sri Lanka only as the source representative of Sri Lanka would be foolish to derive at such a conclusion. Through the Press and the Radio arid other modes of propaganda, they create confusion, cause tension and bring about a state of social unrest.

Promoting HR cannot be done overnight: Added to this, there is a vicious whispering campaign carried on, at a personal level, in England and the USA against the Sinhala people.

The movement was initiated by the Pope in South Africa's situation was different because the minority ruled the majority, and justice was provided by the successor regime that came to power.

ONUR has selected 5 annual festivals from each of the four major religions to be celebrated by school children with the assistance of teachers, resource persons and adult facilitation. In Sri Lanka it is the Politicians and the Media that is dividing the people.

Since the Civil War, there has never been a "national unity" government in the United States in the traditional sense.

At the end of 5 days, the student participants absorb a better understanding of the cultural ethos, values and norms of their counterparts across the religious, linguistic and ethnic spectrum.

See Less - Details. In a total population of Such governments are not national governments in the sense of this article. In the current issue arising from Aluthgama is the public not confused because the media has given only a one-sided coverage while taking pains to portray a message that people are not living peacefully.

Of course it is natural to be impatient; it is natural to question; and it is natural to feel a sense of frustration.

We look forward to this important Meeting to listen and learn from the experiences of others, and to join hands with all to foster what the world needs most today to progress — peace, compassion, mindfulness, and justice, and recognition of our common humanity.

Hatred, discrimination, oppression, injustice, and marginalization act as drivers of conflict. The symbol of the Nestorian Cross found in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, dated to within years of the birth of Christ, points to the existence of Christians in my country even before the arrival of colonial powers.

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Robin Stern, Associate Director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence highlighted the partnership with the Center and Think Equal, including in developing the curriculum of lesson plans which provide specific emotional intelligence tools for children.

The objective of this programme is to expand the pool of resource persons and reach grass roots in different districts through awareness programmes. People have the tendency to forget, but their pain should be relieved by speaking out, as this is common in normal life.

As a nation, we were deeply pained by incidents in March this year in a few areas of Sri Lanka targeting members of the Muslim community who represent an integral part of the pluralistic society of Sri Lanka.

Also, the ANC did not want to antagonize the minority by punishing them through the criminal legal system, as that would further deepen conflicts. The film is being screened to select audiences of invitees and there will be discussions on the significance of the story with facilitators encouraging audiences to reflect on the impact of the conflict in Sri Lanka, upon civilian survivors, their loved ones, and persons of different faiths and ethnicity.

They should have advised the minority groups to adapt themselves to the changing circumstances and exhorted the majority to be generous towards the former. In3 such workshops were held with each having approximately students, resource persons and 30 teachers besides ONUR staff.

Promoting HR cannot be done overnight: SL

The new national unity government, including Tsvangirai, was sworn in on 11 February The National Unity Government formed in September among a broad spectrum of political parties, including the Sri Lankan Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United People’s Party (UNP), has.

Sri Lanka now stands in a position where the country is gradually recovering from brutal wounds of war and this is high time for the nation to look into aspects of promoting unity among diverse cultures and ethnic groups to avoid the reoccurrence of such a tragedy.

Washington Buddhist Vihara, Washington, DC. 3, likes · 9 talking about this · were here. Venerable Mahanayaka Thera was a champion of promoting unity. Under the 13th amendment to the Constituti on that was thrust on the people of Sri Lanka by our neighbour India, /5(31).

Religious Harmony And The Unity Of The Sri Lankan Nation.

Promoting National Unity in Sri Lanka Through Education

So many Gods, so many creeds, So many paths that wind and wind, While just the art of being kind. The Commission was vested with powers to make recommendations, i nt er alia, on promoting national Unity and reconciliation in Sri Lanka, in the post-conflict phase.

The Report of the Commission has been bro a dly welcomed, dom estically and internationally. The creation of the TRC in was crucial because it was aimed at promoting national unity and reconciliation in the soul of understanding and coexistence.

Promoting national unity in sri lanka
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